Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Merry Masturbation Month

Apparantly, May is Merry Masturbation Month. I learned this from the lovely Shay at The S Spot. What fun!

April was National Poetry Month, so I tried to read a poem everyday. I didn't always succeed, but I was in the spirit of the thing. Just think of the possibilities for May! Makes me glad I work at home.

Maybe I should celebrate by buying a new toy? I've been thinking I need one of these to enhance my self-stimulation. I've never used one or had one used on me. Although the desire is there, the opportunity hasn't presented itself. I've had other things, both corporeal and silicone, inserted, to great affect, into my bottom, but not something with the intention of keeping it there. So, I think this is the perfect excuse to run out and buy one (or order one, whatever).

In any case, Happy Merry Masturbation to all! And to all a good cum!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go celebrate.


Edward said...

Sounds like a great idea.. AAG would suggest the N-Joy, of course...

dirtyboy said...

I think I may join you ;)

Eve in Chains said...

E - ah yes, the N-joy. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Roger - mmmmm...you know how I love to watch. We have the whole month, you know.


Shay said...

if you're looking for a fun little beginner's vibe, I recommend the pocket rocket (preferably a waterproof version). ^_^

Enjoy your May!!

Eve in Chains said...

Hey, Shay, thanks for the tip. The name, pocket rocket, makes it sound so lively!


Anonymous said...

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