Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hot Links

My list of Feeds that Feed Me (this refers, by the way if you don't know, to RSS feeds) is getting longer. There is so much rich and juicy stuff out there, each time I come across a new blog that turns me on I get, well, excited. And not just hot and wet excited. Excited that there's a community of people who can communicate and support each other, even if it's "lurkers", in affirming their desires.

How many women want to submit, fully, to their husbands or boyfriends? How many husbands want to bind and gag their wives? How many couples secretly want from the other what they could actually give and not know it? Blogs such as these listed can possibly, if stumbled across, open up peoples lives and allow them to be who they really are.

Being in the closet sexually, no matter what the predilection, is the most stifling existence. If these words of advice or stories or fantasies or journals can help even one person free themselves, then they've served a noble purpose.

I know they've helped me greatly to be more in touch with my desires and my needs. For that, I thank them all.

So, check them out. You never know what you'll learn (about yourself).


Res said...

I'm sure I'll be back. Recently found your blog. I put you in my current blogroll, and when I return I'll be sure to add you there also.

Take care. You've got a great writing style: Smart & sexy.

xx,res.~~(final comment)

Eve in Chains said...

Thanks, Res. Glad you stopped by. Your work looks interesting and I always love a good spanker.