Monday, April 9, 2007

The Birthday Present

Master has suggested that a friend of his would like to join us to play sometime. I ask which friend and he’s reticent to tell me.

“I think that should be a surprise”, he says.

I am not enthusiastic about this surprise as there are, of course, friends of Master’s I do not like and would not like fucking me. I make some complaining noise and generally say that this could be a limit, but I get the withering look and realize that this is just a battle I’m not going to win and maybe it doesn’t matter anyway.

“Look, pet, even if it’s someone you’re not happy about, and trust me, that’s not the case, I will be there with you the entire time. Not a moment, not a second will pass that this guy will be with you without me there. I wouldn’t allow it. I may be generous, but I’m also protective of my property.”

Saturday comes and Master announces that his friend is coming over that night for fun. It’s his, the friends, birthday, apparently. I’m to be his present, of sorts. Lovely.

At 6:30 I’m told to go to the bedroom and prepare. Master has laid out on the bed what he’d like me to wear and tells me to dress and return. On the bed I find new, purple thigh highs. They’re a beautiful color, so dark almost black, but tinted enough to be purple. Also, a matching push-up bra which stops just under my nipples. I braid my hair, apply some makeup and slip on the heels left at the foot of the bed.

“I knew that color would look good against your dark skin”, he says, “lovely. Perfect.”

The doorbell rings and Master answers it, leaving me standing in the living room waiting. In walks Nathan and I am both relieved and appalled. Relieved that he’s not the brutish Karl or the crude Matt, but appalled that it’s Nathan. He’s the most sensitive, shy, unassuming person I’ve ever met. He’s a sweetheart and we’ve had on many occasions heartfelt, close conversations about our lives. I didn’t even know he knew how Master and I lived and wonder if he does even now. As he enters the room he looks at me and I can see he is a little embarrassed to see me this way, but I can also see he is excited. His eyes sparkle as they take in my outfit, my exposed nipples, my waxed cunt. I feel exposed and a little nervous about how this will go.

“Have some wine, Nate”, says Master and nods to me to pour them some. I pour two glasses and hand it to them as they sit on the couch. As I bend towards Nathan to hand him his glass I see that he can’t take his eyes off my tits. Despite my embarrassment at his seeing me this way, my nipples begin to harden. Dammit!

I go back to stand by the drinks table and Master and Nate talk a little while about work and mutual friends, but Nate’s gaze keeps returning to me. Master notices this and, with a little smile and looking my way, says, “She’s lovely isn’t she? Perfect.” I look at him and see the love in his eyes and am suddenly completely comfortable. I remember his words the other day reminding me that he is and always will be in control and I know this will be fine.

“Go over to her, Nathan. You can touch her, kiss her, if you want. Don’t be shy. She wants it. Don’t you, pet?”

“Yes,” I say, trying to sounds convincing, “Happy Birthday, Nathan.”

The 2 glasses of wine he’s had has given him a bit of courage and he approaches me with some false bravado, I think, but I can also see the desire in his eye. In front of me he tentatively reaches out a hand and gently runs a finger down the side of my face, along my jaw line. His hand runs down my neck towards my cleavage and with the backs of his fingers he grazes first one nipple, then the other, immediately making them rise. He does this over and over and I find it to be very erotic. Here is another man, a friend, touching me, looking at me lustfully, while the love of my life watches in approval and excitement. I’m thoroughly aroused.

Nathan looks up from my chest into my eyes and kisses my lips long and soft, parting my lips with his tongue, sweet from the wine. After a while his tongue becomes more insistent, swirling faster around my tongue, pushing deeper into my mouth. He pushes his body up to mine and putting his arm around my back, runs his hand down the curve of my buttocks. Pressed against me I can feel his erection pressing into my belly.

I’m aware of Master when I feel the pain of my left nipple being pinched. Pinched and twisted and turned. With Nathan’s tongue in my mouth I cry out and moan from the pain. Nathan pulls back and watches as Master tortures my nipples. I think he’s a little appalled at the degree of pain to which I’m subjected, but also excited. Master looks at Nathan and nods, encouraging him to do the same. He puts a hand out to the free nipple and pinches, not even close to as hard as Master.

“Harder, Nathan. She wants it harder. She likes it, you see. She wants the pain. Don’t you, pet?”

“Yes,”, I breathe.

I sense an inward shrug and suddenly the nipple under Nathan’s control is being pinched and pulled and even as I cry out with pain, I’m impressed that he can get on board so quickly.

“Good, Nathan, good. Now, let’s try something else, eh? On your knees, pet. Display yourself for us, please.”

I walk to the middle of the living room and obediently get on all fours, my legs spread as wide as possible without collapsing and then bend my head forward to the ground, pushing my ass way up. I am open and exposed to them, my ass and swollen, wet sex. I hear a little gasp from Nathan and wonder if it’s from shock or excitement, or both.
“Go on, Nathan. You can have her. You can do what you want to her. See how wet she is, she’s excited by this. Think how good it’ll feel to take her.” Master encourages Nathan as he walks him forward towards me.

“Take your clothes off. That will help you relax. I’ll take mine off, too.”

Coming around to the side that my face rests on the ground, Master looks at me and smiles a smile of pleasure. He’s pleased with my obedience and I think that for that look of contentment, I would do almost anything. I watch as he undresses and relish the moment his cock, semi-erect is freed from his briefs. I may be his, body and soul, but I also know that that cock belongs to me.

To be continued....


Edwardotk said...

Looking forward to the rest..........

Shon Richards said...

Very nice start. The dynamics are very tricky, in a good way.