Monday, April 23, 2007

Arms Length Away

Me: what was the dream?

Him: truthfully all i recall is taking u from behind, sweat glistening on your back and me pulling your hair as i finished inside of u

Me: that sounds awfully nice. i like hair pulling. i'll be thinking about that.

And that's how it usually goes. IM's back and forth about how hard he is (very, very as you can see below), how hot I am, and variations on method or orifice.

I'm not partial at all to cock shots. A photo of a phallus doesn't compel me to consider the rest of the body. I think they are a ridiculous portrayal of a disembodied appendage, not unlike a picture of an arm or a toe. Completely non-sexual. That's not to say I'm not sometimes impressed with certain measurement, but I need context to have a salivary reaction. But, for the photo below I have plenty of context and the reaction it produces is copious.

I haven't met this cock, nor the man it's attached to. But I have heard him. Oh yes, I have heard him. Breathing hard and fast, all pre-cum and description, my voice low and slow and encouraging towards a satisfying finale.

We are each others fantasies, in a way. Me, the older woman. He, the younger, way too much younger, man. A man with whom I would be flagrantly breaking my rule. And, so, we haven't. And, we may never. (Or we may...)

I have posted some erotic pictures here, but this is truly the most graphic and I have to admit, while seeing this picture drives me to distraction, I'm a little reluctant to post it. It feels a little too exposed. Exposing not only my friend, in all his hot and throbbing glory, but me. Exposing a vulnerability. Not just my desire for hard cock, but my modesty, I suppose. A last hold-out in my reluctance towards prurience.

He says I can say that it's, "yours and yours only". A sweet lie. Ownership of that toy of all toys would drag me to the depths of depravity. I'm not quite willing to go there.

Not yet.


Edwardotk said...

go for it sweety.. own it, use it, devour it, be swollen by it.

Eve in Chains said...

Thanks for the encouragment, e. I have a feeling someday, if even briefly, it/he will be mine. :)