Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last Hoorah

Tomorrow is the last day of May. Hence, the last day of Merry Masturbation Month. I hope everyone has celebrated appropriately and often. There's so many variations on that theme, it's almost endless. The ways and means are as plentiful as there are people who do it (which is everyone, right?).

I thought in honor of the end of the holiday, I'd link to some of my favorite posts about masturbation (and by that I mean, the posts that make me touch myself) by some of my favorite bloggers. (Okay, and one of mine. A little shameless self-promotion.) This isn't by any means an exhaustive list, but these are the ones that have lingered in my mind.

Enjoy the posts and enjoy yourself. It's good for you.

Dirtyboy's invitation
Someday I'll be spying on him from the doorway. mmmmm....

AAG's Spread
Oh, to be on those stairs, waiting to pounce.

Gracie's Sharp Edge
Make me the fly on her wall.

Chapter 1 of a novella by Remittance Girl
You can't read just one.

Climb into my head


dirtyboy said...

why thankyou xx
And I'm at the top of the list too - I like that ;)
Hope you've enjoyed the month as much as I have ;)

Eve in Chains said...

Darling, Roger. When my fantasies move towards watching, I'm always watching you.


adam b said...

~~reading, watching (well: Fantasizing)Eve~~

xx,adam b.~~(^_^)~~

HSWLOVER said...

Loved your story the first time I read it, love it now.



Gracie said...

thank you for the mention. that is very kind.


Eve in Chains said...

Gracie -

Thank you for your most excellent blog.