Monday, May 21, 2007

The Relative Silence of the Uninspired

I've been absent, of late, from adding anything to the logs here. Well, it feels that way. I haven't been inspired. Also, I've been busy with work, the beach (I'm very busy at the beach drinking margaritas and taking in the sun), trying ever to get to the gym or yoga or both, and now I may have a sore throat. Or, it may be stress. Whatever the case, I'm not 100%.

And, more importantly, I have not had sex in over 2 months. Nothing. Not a touch, a squeeze, a kiss. I don't think even a glance. Well, I haven't glanced. I've had a number of disastrous dates, one not disastrous but not pursued either (meaning he disappeared), some uneventful e-mail exchanges, and that's about it. No sex, not even the promise of it. In fact, it could be light years away. It could be never. It could be a thing of the past, a dream, a wish, a spectre of something once lived and now passed into only the realm of memory.

I'm very dramatic.

The result of all this (including the drama) is that there is no result. There is no salacious story to ignite a flame under me and besot you. I've tried. I've read others blogs (see my list of lovelies to your left) in hopes something will stir my imagination. It's wonderful stuff and I love to stay up to date with what these sexy writers are saying, but it hasn't elicited anything from me. (Even AAG's orgy! My God, that girl is a role model, for sure.)

I should add that sex is still on my mind. Oh yes, very much on my mind. It is, don't forget, Merry Masturbation Month, and I have been celebrating as much as imagination and energy have allowed. But, even there, creativity has been mostly absent and I'm relying on the old "stand-by" scenarios to reach that point of saturation.

Call it a slump, I suppose. A slump or a pit, either will do. I have fallen into it and don't know how or when I'll either extricate myself or someone (oh, the knight I've dreamt of since I was 7 years old) will drag me out. Hopefully by my hair, with a good strong tug and few a words about my slutty self needing some discipline for ending up in a pit. Now, that would inspire.


Adam b said...

Okay..Wow! Merry Masturbation MOnth!

I can truly get into that! (somewhat)

Now, don't get too excited, but I decided to come back, as "adam b"

~~I started as Adam...and, so..

..Now, instead of waiting till Mid-June, I decided To just get back into writing again. I miss it regardless of any health, or family issues.

You're a find, and a favorite.

You are in my blogroll (workin' on that still).

Love ya,

adam b. (formerly, "res")

Eve in Chains said...

Hey, I did see your new blog and welcome back.

Adam & Eve



HSWLOVER said...

Glad to see even a no action post.

Not being willing to go without indefinitely is what drove me to keep searching, even when some I met were clearly not going to be "the one". If nothing else, the chase/search inspired energy because I was talking about it with women, and even talking about it, as much as I like to do it, or hear it, is better than not at all.. for me.