Saturday, February 17, 2007


"I want you to take the panties you wear tomorrow and put them in an envelope and mail them to me. I wanna see the envelope, I get hard just thinking about it, opening it up and feeling those panties of yours, smelling them and stroking myself while holding them."

Sunday I wear my best panties. My favorites. Black silk that are almost boy shorts, but ride up my ass, cut up the side of my hips. I start the day at the gym - exercise, sauna, shower. I'm freshly waxed and feeling clean. I pull the panties on and find I'm immediately excited. Thinking of him holding them, feeling them, rubbing them against himself. I'm in the ladies locker room and put a hold on these thoughts while I continue to dress. My day includes my regular Sunday brunch with Kathy, some shopping and drinks later with Sandy and Paul.

On the subway my mind wanders to his words. How the envelope, just by knowing what's in it, holding it in his hands before it's even open, will excite him. The anticipation of what's to come is much of the pleasure. My eyes are closed as the subway rocks through the tunnel and I wonder if I'm flushed.

Lunch with Kathy is fun, distracting. We talk of her new relationship and upcoming trip to California. All the while, in the back of my mind, are the panties. I excuse myself to the Ladies and as I sit and pee, I look at the cotton crotch against the black silk and I see it's a bit stained with white and damp. I smile knowing how pleased he'll be.

Kathy and I go our separate ways and I'm off to the lingerie store. If I'm to send him these, my favorite pair, I have to buy some more (especially since I wonder if this will be a frequent request - I'll need backup). I wander through the store, touching the undergarments, silk and lace, holding them up, imagining them on me, him pulling them off, down around my thighs and ankles. Pushing them to his face, surrounding his hard cock with them, rubbing the damp spot up and down his shaft. I take a deep breath and carry on with my shopping, a definite smile on my face. I pick out a few pair, similar to what I'm about to give away, make my purchase and leave the store.

I have some time before meeting Sandy and Paul for drinks, so I stop at a cafe and get a coffee and read a magazine. But my mind can't focus on the article. All my attention is focused on my cunt. The tingling, the tightening and involuntary pulse and throb. Before I leave the cafe I stop in the ladies room. I spread my legs over the open toilet and with my right hand begin to rub my clit in concentric circles. My left hand pulls the panties to the side, but only slightly. Enough for access, but pushing the crotch of the panties slightly into my cunt. I rub them up and down my wet, swollen slit. I want to cover them in my juice for him.

I don't let myself come. I pull myself up short from that satisfaction so that I can stay wet throughout the rest of the day.

Drinks with Paul and Sandy and then off home. Again, my mind wanders on the subway and I find I'm impatient now. Over heated, crossing my legs and clenching my thighs, I'm longing to come.

I walk in the door to my apartment and call him. After we chat about our day, he asks me about my panties. Which ones did I choose to wear today? Did I think about him at all? I did! What was I thinking? About his cock, I say. About him rubbing his cock with my panties. I tell him how I've been hot all day, wet and dripping a bit. I tell him how I pushed the crotch of his panties into my slit. I tell him I want to come on them for him.

He directs me to the bedroom, to remove my pants and to sit on the bed, legs to the side of my thighs, thighs spread. "Rub your clit through the panties. With your other hand spread your lips apart and as you rub, push the material as far into your cunt as you can. Make them wet." I do as he says with urgency, I'm that close to my release.

He knows this, can hear it in my breath and the involuntary moans and begins to describe for me his plans for my black silk.

"Once I have the envelope in my hand I hold it up to my face and smell. I want to know if I can smell your scent through the package. Slowly, I open the flap and turn it upside down and let the silk slide into my hands like sand. Both hands feel them, imagining them as still warm from your body. And then I pull them up to my nose and breath deeply in and there it is. The smell of your excitement, your arousal, your juices. My cock is so hard now, I pull it out of my pants and wrap my shaft with the soft folds of your intimates. Finding the crotch, seeing how covered it is with your now dried come, I place that over the head of my cock and push. I push my cock into your panties."

Before he can describe the completion of his fantasy, I'm wildly rubbing my clit through the silk, practically fucking myself with material, bouncing my ass up and down and moaning. The image of him stroking with my panties is too much and I explode, and explode and explode. On my knees now, gravity does it's work and I pour onto the crotch of what I know will be his object.

When I'm done, and I'm calm, lying down and the shaking has subsided I hear him on the phone saying reassuring, sweet things. Helping me to come down, as if I'm wrapped up in him. He tells me to make sure to send them first thing in the morning and we hang up.

I get up and take off my panties. At my desk I pull out a manila envelope and, with hands still slightly shaking, I address it and then slip the contents in and seal the flap.

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