Thursday, February 15, 2007

Too late now

You left too soon. Before you could do the things to me I had hiding in my head. Saving up to tell you, to whisper into your ear in the night as you slept. Subliminally suggesting the torture I wanted you to submit me to, the pleasure I wanted you to have watching me suffer, watching me moan with the joy of giving myself to you.

You left before you tied me to the chair, naked, alone. My hands behind me, my legs splayed to either side, open and exposed. Or see my cunt, swollen and dripping from your eyes taking me in, lapping at me like a tongue, teasing me with a little smile. You didn't take your cock in your hand, semi-erect, and stroke it. You didn't see my eyes greedy to see you grow, to hear your breathing change and become rapid and ragged with your need. You didn't move close to me with your erection, or tell me to open and push your way into my mouth, taking me in a way that's both a violation and your right, because I give it you.

You never held my head, my hair, in your clenched fist and watched as tears formed in my eyes from gasping from the air being denied me in place of your need. Or see me looking up at you, into your eyes, pleading you to stop, and making sure your pleasure was complete. You didn't see me count each thrust in the hope that the next was the last, that the next would bring you closer to your goal.

Your goal of seeing your come fill my mouth, slide down my throat, make me choke and gag and drip out of my mouth, onto my chin and my chest. You didn't get to pull yourself out in your final throes and watch as you emptied yourself onto my breasts, my belly, my twat, spread out before you - wet and wanting from my own degradation and your profane desire.

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