Friday, February 2, 2007

The punishment I deserve

I woke up at 1:00 a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep. I was ridden with guilt and anxiety over what had happened with him today. I made a stupid, stupid mistake. One only I could make with my ridiculous, impulsive behavior. I was afraid to lose him. I could only hope he would/could forgive me. Maybe a punishment could be considered a suitable atonement.

He is so angry that as he ties my hands together and attaches them to the headboard, he pulls the rope very tight, almost cutting into my skin. I cry out, only a bit. He looks at me and doesn't loosen them (but, he doesn't tighten them anymore, either). His look alone expresses his anger and I shrivel at his wrath (and worry about what's to come). I am on my belly with my hands now tied above me. He pulls my legs apart, opening me up, giving me no place to hide. He begins to wrap 1 rope around close to the top of my left thigh, over and over, many times, then pulls the end of the rope and ties it to the side of the bed. He does the same to the right thigh. I am helpless. My hands are tied, my legs spread apart, vulnerable, exposed. He doesn't gag me and I wonder why, but will soon find out.

He just stands by the side of the bed for a while looking at me. Looking at his work. Not making any adjustments, just taking it in. I turn my head to watch him looking at me and we make eye contact. Again, his eyes are on fire with anger. He moves closer to the bed and before I realize what's coming, his hand lands hard and strong on my left cheek, then on my right. Again, I cry out, but he seems not to notice. And then it begins. Over and over, in quick succession, one blow after another on each cheek. ...4, 5, 6... and then he stops. Again, viewing his work. The welts and redness that no doubt now cover my ass.

"Does it hurt?", he asks, somewhat sardonically. "Yes", I say. "Not enough, I'm sure", he answers. "The punishment you deserve is only just beginning, you understand. Each smack represents each moment I've had to endure since that incident this afternoon. When I'm done you will wish you had never called me. And you will never say anything like that again."

With that, he walks to the closet, and pulls out the switch. The long, flexible, stick he saves for "special" occasions. When we use it it's usually gently, but I know today I will not be that lucky. And I'm not. Again, without warning except the noise of the stick singing through the air, it lands squarely across both cheeks and this time I cry out loudly, and tears spring to my eyes. ...1,2,3...Tears are flowing down my cheeks, but I try not to make a sound, knowing I deserve every swat.

He puts down the switch and comes to the end of the bed and moves up to between my legs. Looking at my ass, looking at my pussy, which I know, despite myself, is wet. Dripping and swollen. He sees this and, despite how angry he is, I can tell he is pleased. He spreads me apart and gently puts his thumb on my clit and rubs. I moan with the pleasure of it, mixing with the burning of my ass. Quickly, he pushes his thumb into my cunt and fucks me hard and fast. And then stops. I moan from the loss of being filled.

And it begins again. Another round with his hand, another round with the switch, and again, he finger fucks me, this time harder, more forceful. I know he is still so angry. "Beg me. Beg me to beat you. Beg me to fuck you until you can't walk." And I do. "Please, hurt me, make me bleed and sting, I so deserve to be bruised and scarred."

Then he takes off his pants. I see that his cock is hard, huge, he's so turned-on from this punishment. He crawls between my legs and with no preamble plunges his cock deep into me and proceeds to fuck me hard, very, very hard. "Does it hurt?", he wants to know. "Yes." "Good." And he pushes even harder. "I punished you with my hand, with the switch and now I'm going to punish you with my cock."

He pounds away at me, all the while telling me what a bad girl I am, what a foolish, impulsive woman I am. How he wonders if it was on purpose so I can be given this severe punishment. Still sliding his enormous cock in and out of me.

"I'm going to come all over your red, sore ass. I'm going to cover your ass with my cream." He reaches up and grabs a handful of my hair and pulls it back, hard at the same time he pulls his cock out of my cunt and comes all over my ass. "Bitch", he moans from a place so deep, I know he means it. And I know I deserve it.

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