Monday, February 12, 2007

Someone elses fantasy

He's 22 years younger than me. Way past my cutoff, but rules are meant to break. It's my rule, so no-one feels bad about breaking this except me. And, maybe this is exciting because I'm breaking the rule.

I'm his fantasy. A "mature" woman. Such a nice euphemism from a 20-something. Maybe he's mine, too.

I walk into his apartment and he tells me to take my clothes off. He says this in such an authoritative way that I'm impressed. So, of course, I do. He watches every article as it falls to the floor. Giving me some direction as to which piece comes off next. Then I'm naked. A little cold, so of course my nipples are hard. A little excited, so of course my pussy is wet.

He points to the bedroom and tells me to go in there and get on the bed on my knees, ass high. I do this, but he hasn't followed me. I'm not sure where he is. It seems like an eternity I'm in this position before he comes in. He's still dressed.

He comes up behind me and makes me spread my legs more and then he starts. Parting my lips and attacking my clit with his tongue. Flicking and sucking it. Pulling it with this teeth. I'm going out of my mind with pleasure when he pushes 2 fingers into my dripping cunt and finger fucks me hard, not letting up on my clit. I'm screaming.

He moves his tongue away from my clit and pulls his fingers out of me and pushes his tongue deeply inside me. In and out repeatedly. Then he moves his tongue up to my ass and pushes it in and out. Then back to my cunt, then back to my clit. Over and over until I'm so close I'm sure I'm going to explode. He senses this and continues to suck on my clit in a way that is so all encompassing, so perfect I come with a scream and know that I am dripping my juices all over his face and hands.

He pulls away and tells me to lie down. He moves up on the bed and wraps my still shaking body in his arms and kisses my forehead and my eyes and then my lips. We look into each others eyes and both smile.

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