Friday, February 2, 2007

An experiment

I begin this blog with an explanation of the reason for it's creation. I have found in the last few months that I have an obsession. It's unexpected, somewhat disturbing, somewhat delightful. I find I'm thinking constantly, or nearly, about sex, all kinds of sex, but mostly some kind of sadistic or masochistic variety. I guess you could say I "switch", I like to be both dominant and submissive. Depending on, well, I don't know. On my mood, on my partner, on how bad I'm feeling (for instance, I'm feeling particularly bad about something I did to the man I'm currently seeing, so I've had fantasies of him punishing me - more on that later).

Primarily, this blog is meant as an outlet for me to write out my fantasies. To give them some room and to get them out of my head, where they currently take up a tremendous amount of space. But, I also want to add that I'm on a bit of an expedition. Testing my limits and experimenting with my boundaries and my desires. So, what's recorded here could be real, or not. Take it for what it is. The written word.

Why a blog and not just a personal journal? There is an element of exhibitionism, I admit. But keeping these thoughts, these stories, if you will, in my own personal journal where no-one will see them is really not much different from them living in my head, and thereby defeats the purpose. And, I suppose, I'm a little curious to know what people might think of them. If you end up here and like what you've read and have something to say about it, I welcome your comments.

Reader, you may do with them what you will. If you like them, feel free to co opt them, use them in whatever way you want. Act them out, masturbate to them, share them with friends/partners. Whatever. They excite me! If they excite you, make them your own.

This blog is a work in progress. Things will change. Appearance, content, maybe even subject matter. It's good to expect change. It's going to come whether it's welcome or not.

Well, we're off to see the wizard...