Saturday, March 3, 2007

This Orgasm

Kiss me. Push your tongue into my mouth with persistence and intention. Force me to suck it into the back of my throat. Your long, thick, warm tongue filling up my mouth as your cock fills up my cunt. Push in, hard, to the back, as far as you can go, tongue and cock, filling me up. Then a finger, then two, moist with my own fluid, push gently, insistently, into my ass. I’m so full of you I could burst. I will burst, I’ll explode with the pleasure of you in every orifice. Make me take you in like liquid moving to any open space. Every push of every part of you entering me moves in time, as one, as if you’re an octopus and all your tentacles are moving gracefully through the water into the hollow of my open, wanting, moaning self. Push me to the edge. Feel my breath and the urgency of the thrust of my hips onto your cock and know that I’m so close to this orgasm. Your rhythm becomes steady, methodical. Not faster, just even. Push, push, your fingers a bit further, and then a flash, and a throb from what feels like the bottom of my soul and the crash of ecstasy seeps through every pore. My eyes open to see you watch, ride the wave that is me, undulating beneath you. Greedy, I pull in my breath to make it last just a moment longer.

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