Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I confess I've had a lot of therapy in my life. Since I was a young, fucked up youth, my parents had me in and out of shrinks offices. Trying to set me straight. Or at least, make sure I was a bit less screwed up than they were. I am grateful for their thoughtful attention to the little detail of my mental health. Since I started young, I've known for a long time how to "do therapy". Meaning, I know for the most part when I'm in trouble and I seek out help.

I haven't actually been "in trouble" lately but a friend recommended someone and after reading his description on his website and talking with him at an initial consultation (which was free and I give him big kudos for that - therapists on the Upper West Side of Manhattan don't do free) I thought I'd give it a go. But I've found, after a couple of months of chatting, it really wasn't the thing for me. He's a nice enough guy, has some interesting insight, but I'm' not really in need of any deep insight right now. So, I've decided to stop going. Tonight was our last session. And here's the interesting part - one of the last things he asked me was if I was having sex. I thought this was kind of strange. We've met numerous times and he's never brought up sex, but tonight, 10 minutes before I was walking out the door for, presumably, the last time, he asked me if I was having sex and when I said no he asked if I was interested in meeting anyone to have sex with. We had, on other occasions, discussed dating and past relationships and whatnot, but not sex. Yet here he was, in effect asking me about my desires. I can't help but be curious about his motives, I'll be honest. Purely professional? Or looking for a little titillation as I'm on my way out? I don't really know, but I think it's kind of interesting.

He wasn't at all, by the way, someone I would indulge myself in having, say, this kind of fantasy about. No, that is a very different therapist, indeed. And one with whom I would not be ending my weekly sessions.

Anyway, that, ladies and gentlemen, Doms and slaves, is the latest, most exciting update in my sadly chaste and uncoupled life.