Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Night

Last night I got a spanking. A good, sound spanking.

With the cuffs on my wrists and my arms pulled and chained behind me, I was led into the bedroom. There, in front of the bed, he pulled down my pants and my panties. He undid the chain on my wrists and positioned my arms to the front of my body. Pushing me forward so that the upper half of my body was on the bed and my bottom hanging off the edge, he began. A methodical, even, smack from one cheek to the other. Then he stopped. He spread me apart, my legs, my cheeks, my lips. He felt how wet I was.

"I think you like this", he said.

Oh yes.

And then he began again. More swats, maybe a little harder this time. Then he plunged his fingers into me. Pulling out the wetness that was now close to dripping down my legs.

Pushing me up on the bed he pulled the chain around the small headboard. He pushed a pillow under my abdomen, and spread my legs so that he could see me. More spanking, more fingers searching, probing, filling me up. Then he fucked me. And fucked me. Oh, so, good.

Later, as I lay on my belly with my head to the side facing him, still chained to the bed, going nowhere, we chatted. Talking about what other painful things he could do to me with the right tools (a flogger? cuffs that fit better?), the subject of the spanking came up. I don't remember exactly what was said, but it was mentioned that the spanking I got was mild. To illustrate, he gave me 3 or 4 swift, VERY hard swats on my bottom and the back of my thighs.

"This", he said, "is a discipline spanking."

The difference between what I got earlier and those few demonstration smacks was stark.

Today I wrote him to reiterate how much I enjoyed our time together -

"I can't help but think about the many things, both painful and restrictive, that might be in my future."

And he returned with -

"....painful and restrictive....good choice of words."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Time

Time for a little holiday festivity. Tonight I am going to a party. The likes of which I haven't attended in well over a year. I have no idea what might happen. Maybe lots, maybe nothing. Maybe just dancing and a few drinks. Maybe...well, maybe something else altogether.




Coda: It was a fun party. Excellent music, which for me can often be the primary purpose. To dance. And dance I did. People were particularly friendly last night, which isn't always the case at these fete's. There was lots of sex. I didn't have any. And that's okay. No-one, single or couple, took my fancy. They had a Sybian there which initially peaked my interest. Until I realized they had it only on vibrate and covered it with Saran wrap for each woman who hopped on (which, of course, made perfect hygienic sense). Being not very fond of vibrators, I lost interest. I gave it a go, though, just to see, but jumped off posthaste. Not my thing. No penetration, no Sybian.

And there you have it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dating? Did you say Dating?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a date today. It was a lunch date, so rather casual, but it was a date. With a gentlemen (and I mean that in the truest sense of the word) who found me on Alt. Alt? Wait, Alt? Yes. My profile has been there lo these many months (years?) although mostly unattended by visitors and neglected by me. Suddenly, though, out of nowhere, I'm popular.

The story goes like this:

A young man wrote me a week or so ago and we struck up an e-mail exchange. I'm not sure how he found me among the missing, but he did. Bully for him. He was in fact too young for yours truly, but we toyed with the idea of having it on, so to speak. In a very odd turn of events, he wrote me (in a mass e-mail) to say that he had just seen a therapist (not like this) and discovered that he was a sex addict and could no longer fraternize with previous associates. This seemed strangely coincidental with just the time we were trying to make a plan, but whatever. If he's on the wagon, good for him.

At this point, though, I was, for all intents and purposes, back "on" Alt. Simply by showing up, apparently, the fish come to feed. I was getting winks and visits and e-mails and invites and what-have-you. Most of these I summarily rejected. Why, you ask? Because I don't respond to a cock. If all someone can post as their picture is of their cock, then I can only assume this is all they have to offer. Boring. I'd rather someone have no picture at all then a picture of their cock.

However, I did get an e-mail from a very interesting man who had a real picture of himself (very brave!) and some interesting things to say in both his profile and his e-mails. He presented himself as a real person.*** Now that I respond to! So, we e-mailed a bit and spoke on the phone and today we had a lovely lunch and visit.

I'm not sure what this means except that it proves I am not dead. I hope I see him again and I believe I will.

I don't want to neglect telling you that we seem to be somewhat compatible in our proclivities, as well. I mean, this is Alt, after all. Not Now THAT's exciting!

*** I want to mention that I do not have a picture of myself on my profile there. I have a picture of my neck. It is this picture. So, it is me just not my face. I am not as brave.