Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Reason to Resurface

I've been absent. From here, from many places. It's been a busy, aggravating and exhausting few months for me. My interest in sex and erotica has been non-existent and while I initally worried about this, I find now it's just where I am and that's okay. Other things need attention.

Like this country. Like the obvious crumbling of the economy and the indifference of our leaders. Everything costs more - food, health care, gas, housing. Everything. There are more homeless people on the streets, more children are going hungry, people are losing their jobs. We're a mess.

There's so many things we can do to help others. Donate money to favorite charities, donate food to food shelves or churches, volunteer time at soup kitchens. Vote.

Vote. If there's nothing else you can do to help, you can do this single, simple and important thing. The thing you are given as a right the moment you are born as, or become through hard work and dedication and patience, an American citizen.

Register today. Vote in November. It's your right. It's your responsibility. Help others. Help us all.