Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well, hello there...

It's been years since I've written. And I'm not sure why I'm writing now. I guess I was curious and came to poke around and found, lo and behold, people still stop by and look me over. And me, an old lady.

Wish I could say life had taken a huge turn for the different, but alas, it really hasn't. There's some peace in that, I suppose. Mostly, I go on. I'm writing, yes, but not smut. Poetry, mostly. A little playwriting. Computer code.

And that's about it. So, thanks for stopping by, when you do. It's nice to know my words have held up.



nitebyrd said...

WOW! What a surprise to see you. I'm glad to know you're still around and still writing, even if it's not sexy stuff.

Never, ever give up hope, girl!

Karl Elvis MacRae said...

Hey baby! Good to see a visit!

Anonymous said...

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