Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Missed It!

I can't believe it, but I missed my anniversary here! Too distracted.

On Febuary 2, 2007 I posted an introduction and my very first blog post here at Paradise Tied Up. It's been a full and changing year and much of it was recorded here.

The friends and acquaintances I've made through this blog, and others, have been invaluable. You've been honest and open and funny and complimentary. I appreciate every comment made and the dialogue we've had.

Thank you for sticking with me, for listening, and for helping me to continue to open and unfold and discover my sexual self.


nitebyrd said...

Happy belated anniversary, Eve. Best wishes for many future ones!

HSWLOVER said...

Happy bloggersary! It's been very interesting to share your opening up, to watch you allow yourself to be watched. Best wishes for a new year of even more. More passion, more spanking, more bondage, more cums.. and much happiness.


Phil said...

Happy Anniversay Eve! I just found you, but I look forward to another year of your posts.