Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Perfect Table

Bacchus at Erosblog refers us to this gallery of pictures because he's impressed by the variety of facial expressions the model treats us to throughout her examination.

What I am drawn to, however, is the table. This is the table of my fantasy and the moment I saw it I wished I could find an opportunity to get my check-up in that office.

It is perfect.

This picture is intriguing, as is the ample girth of the cock she's being impaled with, but look at the table. The restraints in exactly the right location to lock her wrists in place to the side of her head.

In this picture, you can see the stirrups that support her thighs and can comfortably (a word I use here lightly) hold her in place.

Oh yes, the perfect examination table for my doctor (and his nurse, of course) to test my many reactions to their ministrations.


Anonymous said...

Cool post, Eve. The Doctor is in.


Rupert said...

That table would certainly make an interesting conversation piece.

nitebyrd said...

It would make a very nice addition to "play" time, IMO.

Perhaps it lays flat when not being used for it's intended purpose. You could cover it with a lovely cloth and display a vase of flowers on it.

Phil said...

Eve, I think you may enjoy what I'm working on in my blog. And for gods sake, don't stop what you're doing here. And btw, I've left a comment on your previous post as well that you may find interesting.

Karl Elvis said...

That picture's *hot*.

I'm always growling at my playmates hold fucking STILL when we're playing, so I can quite see the fun in a table just like that.

"wiggle now, little girl!"


Eve in Chains said...

Yum, indeed.

Dazzed and Confused said...

There’s a table??? :-)