Thursday, September 13, 2007


I've never had doctor fantasies, and yet lately I've had one that I have no idea where it came from. Thin air. I have had a long standing therapist fantasy, but this is very different. It strikes me as a little funny, in a way. It seems so cliche. But, what are our fantasies but enhancements of reality?

Actually, I've had very few male doctors. Huh - maybe this is why.
So, I'm at the doctors. The gynecologist, of course. I'm told to undress completely, by the nurse, and to lay on the table with my feet in the stirrups. The nurse, by the way, is a woman. Is she in what I would call a nurses porno outfit? Short skirt, too tight top with cleavage spilling out all over. As a matter of fact, she is.

In walks the doctor. He's rather handsome, in his 40's or 50's, very professional in his manner. Almost perfunctory. He stands between my legs and gets right to work. He begins by examining my labia, touching my lips, pulling them apart, making sure everything's okay.

His manner is very routine, he's doing his job, but his hands tell something else. The way he touches me is very sexual. Obviously trying to arouse me. He tells me he's going to do an internal exam. He begins by inserting a finger into my cunt. Though he says, "I'm going to begin with a finger in your vagina." He does this and, again, his actions are far from what could be considered a standard examination. He slowly pushes his finger in and out of me, then he pushes another finger in and is finger fucking me in earnest. Still, he is speaking professionally, as if what he's doing is not sexual at all.

"Yes," he says, "you seem to have a normal physical response to my actions. You're producing quite a bit of lubrication and you're clearly aroused. Very good."

I'm trying hard not to writhe on the table or cry out from the pleasure, but it becomes increasingly more difficult as he continues to push his fingers into my cunt.

He calls the nurse forward from where she's been standing at my side.

"Would you pull her labia apart and stimulate her clitoris, please? We need to see if her reactions there are appropriate."

I gasp as she spreads my lips and begins to rub my clit. I am overwhelmed by them both. At this point I AM writhing on the table. My hips are bucking up towards his fingers, trying to make them go deeper even still. My hands are gripping the sides of the table and my cries are increasingly louder.

"It's becoming difficult to carry on with the exam this way. Nurse, would you restrain her, please. You understand, my dear, we can't accurately measure your responses if you are moving all over the place."

The nurse grabs my arms and pulls them to the side of my head where there are leather restraints built into the table. After buckling my hands, she takes my legs and moves them down so that now my thighs are in the stirrups and she proceeds to strap them down with similar restraints. Last, she pulls across a leather belt and ties me in at the waist. I cannot move.

"Good. I'm going to examine your rectum now," he says.

I am, at this point, so overwhelmed by what has been happening, I almost can't react to this statement. I simply gasp.

The doctor puts his hand out towards the nurse, who pours some lubricant onto his fingers. He gently rubs some of the lube onto my ass and slowly pushes his index finger into me.

"If you breathe, it will be less uncomfortable," he says.

With his left hand resting on my belly, he proceeds to gently and slowly, push his finger in and out of my ass. My moaning is now low and guttural. I feel as if I'm being pushed to the edge of what is allowably pleasurable.

"Yes, good," the doctor says. And now his voice is lower. I can tell he is aroused, as he watches what he is doing to me. Clearly excited by both his own actions and my response. He pushes in another finger and picks up the pace.

"Yes, nurse, I believe you should resume your attention to the clitoris."

And with that, she spreads me apart and begins to rub my clit in time with the doctors rhythm. It is so sensual, and so decadent, it feels as if we're all moving in the same time.

"This is my favorite part of the exam," says the doctor. And I look down and realize he's pulled his very erect cock out of his pants and, with his other hand, is stroking it.


She knows, apparently, what is to come next. She moves away from me and pulls a condom from a drawer. She opens the package and slides it over his cock. I want to beg for it, beg for his cock in me, but I don't. I'm ashamed enough as it is that this exam has become so depraved. Ashamed at being restrained and, essentially, molested by my doctor and his nurse. Ashamed at how much I want it and want it to continue.

"The best way, really the only way, to accurately grade your response is if I put my penis in your rectum." As he says this, the nurse is stroking his cock with lube.

He puts the head of his cock at my ass and pushes. Not hard, but not easy either. He pushes it in and I cry out with the pain and the pleasure of it. Both he and the nurse watch as his cock moves in and out of my ass. I am, practically, screaming.

"Good, yes, good. Good reaction. Nurse..."

She again begins her ministrations to my clit and I feel myself so close, so close to orgasm, and he senses this.

"Yes, this is what I want to see. If you can come from my penis in your rectum. Are you sensitive enough? Is it good enough?"

Faster and faster, he fucks me until I'm there, at the edge and I explode into a thousand magnificent contractions over and over and he doesn't stop. And then he comes with a growl and a satisfied moan.

He pulls his softening cock out of me and the nurse begins to undo the restraints. She puts a soft, white towel over the lower half of my body and says she'll be back in a moment with some soap and warm water.

As the doctor removes his gloves and washes his hands at the sink, he says, "I think I can say with all confidence that you are healthy in all aspects. I don't think we need to do any further tests of your responses. We'll see you next year."

Maybe I should reconsider and find myself a male doctor.


Roper said...

I think maybe you should find yourself someone who likes playing doctors and nurses!

ATLLG said...

will a LifeGuard do?

OK where is that bottle of water cause I need a cool drink.

Eve in Chains said...

Even when I was little I wasn't really into playing doctor much. This is very surprising. But, someone to indulge it - that would be fun.

Now, I'm sure I could concoct an entirely new fantasy around a (certain) lifeguard. :)


HSWLOVER said...

mmmmmmmmmmm loved it!

Rupert said...

This is the reason I always have female doctors. However, all of my prostate exams have been sadly professional. :-)

Casey said...

Oh, wow. That's not even funny how hot that was. Alone time! :D

Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday afternoon to you, Paradise !

I would go to him as an obgyn, oh, say, maybe a dozen times a year.... sigh. wouldn't THAT be nice !!!!!

Great fantasy. Yummmmmm. Ohhhhhhh.... okay, cold water needed here !

Loving Annie

Loving Annie said...

Hope that you had a good weekend, Eve !

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but masturbating to that. Thank you.
I just had a male doctor examine by glands (totally unsexy I know, I have an infected and swollen lymph gland) and he was basicall massaging my neck, collarbones, side breasts, stomach, pelvis. Honestly when he slid his hands down from my stomach to in my pants I was praying he would touch my pussy in fear of shivering in pleasure.
It was extremely hot in spite of the unfortunate circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Whoa I made a lot of typos!
I meant I hoped he WOULDN'T in fear of shiver in pleasure.
And I made it all about me! Sorry!
You're stories are lovely. By that I mean completely hot, the way you write them makes me sooo wet.