Monday, September 10, 2007

Solicitation (this is not what you think it is)

Recently, in conversation with a friend, I was lamenting (as opposed to whining) about not finding a partner. I wondered aloud about soliciting help in finding, perhaps, some clubs or parties here in Gotham that might interest me and my predilections, and aid in the search for someone to, um, fulfill them. I thought he, being the sophisticated (and handsome) Dom that he is, might have some contacts. Instead he said, "Put your blog to work for you!" and suggested I solicit information from my readers. What a great idea!

So, dear readers, I urge those of you who are either in the vicinity (of NYC) or are familiar with it and it's dark underbelly to write me with your intimate knowledge of clubs, parties, orgies (I'm infinitely inspired by AAG and her forays), or other equally decadent venues. We (myself and a kinky friend in crime) would be grateful to know what you know on this subject so that we can merrily continue down the road of sin and perversion.

I imagine a little night life (read: sex life) might quiver the muse.


Loving Annie said...

Outstanding idea, Eve ! Blogs have such a great hidden audince of lurkers, that betwqeen them and your regular commenters, I fell sure that you will find the information you will enjoy putting to good use !

I couldn't stop blogging after all... My hormones wouldn't let me. So I posted a new story again today. Somehow, I had the feeling that you wouldn't mind :)

Have a great Monday, and let us all cyber-know how it works out !

Rupert said...

Nowhere near NYC. Hell, for that matter, even if I did live there, I would have no knowledge to impart. Hope you do find a hook up soon, though!

Eve in Chains said...

Thanks, annie. Not my idea, but a good one none-the-less. I liked your story, by the way. Hot stuff!

Well, Rupert, I'm sure to get some party information soon, so if you're ever in NYC...


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning to you, Eve ! How are you doing today ?

I'm glad you liked the story... I'm writing a lot lately... Must be all the hormones... :)

I've got you linked ! if you like my blog, would you be willing to link me too ? I'd really appreciate it !

Thanks much, and hope that all is well with you !

Loving Annie