Sunday, February 3, 2008

Party Reprised

They were there. My lovely, young couple that I played with at the last party. We were all glad to see each other and ended up spending much of the evening together, and not just on our backs, as it were. We chatted and danced a bit and enjoyed each others company.

Until a spot became available and he grabbed it. It was very crowded in the back of the room, every square foot of vertical space was taken for most of the night. We had been hovering some, waiting fairly patiently. Once we moved into our space she leaned in and kissed me for all she was worth. She'd been waiting for that, I think. Laying me back and attacking my pussy as if it was something she'd been anticipating with glee. And he was behind her. Watching. Fucking her. She didn't for a moment become distracted by his ministrations from those she was plying on me. A testament to her desire. She lapped and sucked and fucked me with the glee of a child with a new toy.

Then he was next to me. His hands somewhat roughly pulling my lace bra down and exposing my nipples. He pinched and squeezed and pulled them like a man who knew how I wanted it. He seemed to and I wondered how. Transparent, I am. I looked up at him as he reached into his briefs and pulled out his cock. I grabbed it and began to stroke him. I licked my hand to supply lubrication making my hand a tunnel into which his cock entered. I so wanted him in my mouth, but the angle wasn't right. So, instead, he forcefully pushed his finger into my mouth. Wordlessly commanding me to suck. It was at that moment she pushed her fingers in just right and pressed her tongue with the perfect pressure on my clit. My back arched and I moaned my climax aloud.

To the left of us a few people were watching and I heard a man say, "They're hot!". Perfect words for an exhibitionist to hear.

Note: I haven't forgotten the tag, LG. I'll get to it.


ATLLG said...

Wow I thought it was pretty damn hot and I was just using my dirty mind to picture it.

Rupert said...

Awesome! Glad you had a good time, Eve!

HSWLOVER said...

wow.. that is hot. What outfit did you wear to the party, Eve? lace panties? commando?

Eve in Chains said...

Commando? I don't get it.

I wore a skirt, a tank top and black boots. No panties, thank you very much.



nitebyrd said...

Mmmmm, you had a really good time! That is most assuredly HOT!

Rupert said...

Going commando is slang for not wearing underwear. So yes, you went commando.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, i need to get out more ;)
glad you had a fantastic time.

lili :)

Eve in Chains said...

"Going commando is slang for not wearing underwear."

Is it? I had no idea. It's a funny euphemism. I don't quite get the connection. Thanks for clarifying.