Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And So It Goes

Not to directly insult my male friends and readers, but men really do suck. There's a point at which they can't have a conversation, or say an honest word, or even communicate.

The Latin has disappeared. This was, I suppose, predictable to some degree. A mutual friend confirms that he is unreliable and can be completely ass-hatted. There's nothing to be done but move on and reflect.

Initially, when I realized that the silence was fairly lodged in the here and now, I, like so many women before me, wondered what is wrong with me. What have I done? What have I not done? And on and on... You've heard this from me before so I won't subject you to my singularly cruel self-denigration.

But, after I spoke to my friend who knows him and assured me this is not surprising behavior for him, I felt better.

So, well, at least I had a few weeks of some great sex. And interesting conversation.

Now, it's on to a party. Saturday night. I mean, I have to take my clothes off for someone!


ATLLG said...

I am so much wanting to take a trip to the wintery North right now....sex parties and horny bloggers!

nitebyrd said...

Ah, Eve! I'm sorry. You don't sound horribly shattered, going to a party and all. ;) That's good, right?

It's better to have a little than none at all, I think.

Rupert said...

Sorry to hear about that, Eve. Was hoping it would have worked out for a while.

But...on the plus side...you got some good head out of the deal, right? :-D

HSWLOVER said...

I am reallly sorry to hear it, Eve. But on to the party..

Eve in Chains said...

I'm not terribly upset, no. I mean, I was for about 24 hours, and then realized I was being over-dramatic (umm...a tendency, I guess).

There will be others. Hopefully someone will decide to stick around someday.

Party, yes. I'm going with an open mind (and open legs? hehe). Meaning, if all I do is dance the night away, fantastic. They have GREAT DJ's. If I get a little more, also good.

At the least, I'm sure I'll have some story tell you!


Phil said...

Party Saturday? where? and if you don't want men to suck, what do you want them to do?

Eve in Chains said...

Welcome, Phil.

I'm afraid I can't say where the party is exactly. It's kind of a secret unless you're invited.

There are things I'd like men to suck on, I just wish there were things they didn't suck at. ;)