Wednesday, January 9, 2008

¿Por qué el silencio?

It's been quiet in Paradise, I know. Luckily, for me anyway, it's not because my libido is on strike this time.

I've met someone. Someone I've known, actually, for a long time. Well, known is too strong. We've been in the same place at the same time on numerous occasions because we have people in common. For some reason, and really who cares what, we noticed each other on New Years Eve.

We had a great time talking and dancing and generally being like, "Huh, you look different to me and I can't tell why." At the end of the party we went home together and had great sex. Really great sex. We seem to be compatible in that way and it's lovely. And we want more. Of everything.

The silence is because I haven't really wanted to give details about the "Really great sex" and, I'm sorry to say, I probably won't. This is different. This is not an internet ghost. This is a real person, a real man, with whom I seem to be developing a real relationship. We saw each other yesterday for a lovely walk in the freakishly warm weather we had and have plans to see each other again twice this week. So, this, my friends, is for real. This is closer to my heart. What we've shared has been intimate. It's sex and then some.

I'm feeling protective of our time together. Protective and maybe a little superstitious. I don't want to bare all and then if it falls apart feel like I jinxed it. I feel a little like I might be jinxing it right now, but I actually have more confidence in this than I have in anything for the past couple of years. This is the difference between someone who has real history with people I know and someone who has appeared from the internet out of thin air, where there's no paper trail, so to speak.

It may not stay this way and I could become inclined to share some detail here and there. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. There's no telling. But, for now, I'm playing this close to the vest.

It doesn't mean the end of Paradise, though. I still have many fantasies that are just dying to be recorded here. As with all my writing, inspiration is all.

* The reason for the Spanish title to this post? He's Latin. Just imagine! A Latin lover. mmmm....


nitebyrd said...

Eve, enjoy what's going on. There's no "Blog Police" that say you're obligated to tell us everything!

I'm very, very happy for you!

HSWLOVER said...

Very very happy indeed.. Latin,huh? the stereo type is passionate. Here's hoping.


ATLLG said...

Keep it close and enjoy.

Uhhh you do have my email..right??


Eve in Chains said...

"Blog Police" made me laugh. There probably is a blog police of some kind, but luckily they haven't caught up with me yet.

Thanks guys. You're lucky not to see me in person. I have that stupid, "I know something you don't know" grin on my face all the time. Idiot.



-MAXX- said...

I'm glad to hear that you've found someone you enjoy. If you post about your experiences with him, that's fine. If you don't, that's fine too. Just don't forget that you have loyal readers/friends here, who want to keep reading SOMETHING from you. HNTs make good filler material *hint*hint*


nitebyrd said...

Eve? Hello? Damn, girl - he must be AMAZING! ;)

Eve in Chains said...

Haha - as a matter of fact...