Monday, December 31, 2007

Hitting 100!

Well, this marks the 100th post I've entered into this blog. One hundred posts of desire and submission, masturbation and exposure, exploration and aspiration. All touched with both, or either, optimism and disappointment. We've had a little music, a little message, and, I'm sad to say, a little whining.

So, I make a wish, or a proposal, or an incantation - may the next 100 posts (and the next year) include all of the above, perhaps with a bit more emphasis on the sexy aspects. And, a heap of love besides.

In fact, it's what I wish for us all.

Happy New Year!


ATLLG said...

I can feel it... can you feel it?

Happy New Year !

HSWLOVER said...

Well, Eve, here's to two hundred.... lubricious, delicious, and open.


nitebyrd said...

Happy 100!

Looking forward to the next 100, 200, 300, etc.

Anonymous said...
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