Friday, December 21, 2007

The Age Old Question...

Does size matter? In my opinion it does, but in fact, I'm not talking about what you think I'm talking about.

As mentioned in a comment I made here, last night I was out with this man, who has become somewhat of a friend, by the way, having some drinks and a meal. After we ate we wandered around SoHo a bit looking for a suitably quiet and divey bar to have a nightcap. We happened to pass Babeland (which I thought was called Babes in Toyland, but apparently I'm wrong) and thought we'd stop in for a browse.

If you're ever bored and near one of these stores, you really must go in. It's so much fun! There's so much to look at and touch and turn-on. Whirring noises abound! I actually felt the action (on my hand) of The Cone and, were I to have a spare $130 I'd buy one. Fabulous.

So, we stopped and looked at the butt plugs as this is something I've thought to add to my meager collection of sex toys. I immediately thought the small one would be a good start for my relatively virgin bottom. He laughed and said, oh no, this is the one for you.

I left the store empty handed.

I'm just not ready, I guess. Quite honestly, and this will sound rather odd perhaps, but the idea of putting one of those things, large or small, into my own butt, squigs me out. The idea of someone else putting it in is perfectly acceptable (given the perfect conditions, of course). I have no explanation for this. My modesty extends only to myself.

I'm sure, with practice and patience, I could get past this issue of mine. Maybe I need to experience having a plug placed in my ass by a lover, a few times, when I really want it and am ready for it, maybe craving it, maybe begging for it. Maybe I need to need it before I can get past my squiginess.

For now, my collection is plugless. But the idea lingers.


Mithras said...

which I thought was called Babes in Toyland, but apparently I'm wrong

It used to be "Toys in Babeland"; I always used to get it wrong, too. Then they shortened it.

Your reluctance over the whole thing is interesting.

Eve in Chains said...

Right! Toys in Babeland! Thanks for correcting that, Mithras. I guess shortening it makes it easier to remember, but the name's not quite as interesting.



Rupert said...

Ignore peer pressure, go small to start, and work your way up. If you are uncomfortable when you start out, you won't have fun.

nitebyrd said...

Eve, try the smallest of these first:

It's dainty and is a good start even for the squigiest.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Eve in Chains said...

Nitebyrd - I'll tell you a secret. I have the middle size of these dildos (my only dildo, I'll admit) and one time someone successfully, and enjoyably, fucked my ass with it. But, again, someone else was doing the penetrating thing, not me.

The comments about it on Babelands site are encouraging, too.



JC Stark-Arts said...

I've had many subs/lovers also have this issue of not wanting to put it in someone that loves what I call "semi-public" play this has been a bit of a tripping point on occasion but i've often fixed that by just pushing them against a shadowy wall and pushing it in myself...but the d/s aspect of telling someone to go to the bathroom with this (plug) in your hand and comeback empty handed still turns me on relentlessly