Thursday, December 6, 2007

Part(y) 2

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I was not abandoned by the photographer. While he didn't participate (much), he certainly stayed to watch (Were photos taken? I'll never know).

I began with her left breast. Pulling it into my mouth I nibbled and swirled around her nipple. I savored her soft, smooth skin. I pulled her right breast into my mouth and did the same. She pulled me in for a kiss. A soft, light kiss. She tasted sweet.

Hands roamed, hers and mine. Mouths and tongues licked and sucked and devoured and I can't remember the sequence of anything.

But I remember this:

I was atop her with my mouth close to her damp, shaved pussy. She was pulling my clit and my lips into her mouth with such vigor I was a little overwhelmed. She pushed her fingers into me in a way, not savage, but aggressive. Decisive. She wanted to hit her mark. She did.

I gave my attention to her small, somewhat dainty cunt. If that word can be used to describe a cunt, it would appropriately describe hers. Her lips were small and close to her body. Her clit was concealed, but not hard to find. The opening was damp, very wet, and a perfect pink. I'm not sure I ever met a cunt quite so sweet in appearance. This was a porn star pussy.

I alternated between this delicacy and her boyfriends cock, which, when I lifted my head, was available for me to suck. And I did. A lot. Often. In fact, our girl was given short shrift in deference to this long, thick and hard phallus. My preferences are clear. Given a choice, I'll choose cock every time.

This, my friends, was a slice of heaven.

I had, at this point, forgotten the photographer, until I felt hands on my ass that did not belong to her. They were his, the voyeurs, and he was spreading me for her. So that she might have better access to her goal.

I shivered at this. He was there, he was watching, he was exposing me. Not just to her but, really, to all.


Rupert said...

Awesome. Just awesome!

Nothing like a sex party to raise your mood!

HSWLOVER said...

yes, so exposed, so sexy, so mmmmmmmm exciting.


ATLLG said...

the artist in me is penciling vivid pictures

they are devine as is this story

Anonymous said...

Cool story. I really like this element with the photographer.


nitebyrd said...

What an incredible experience!

Eve in Chains said...

I know I don't always say if my posts are true or not, but for some reason I feel compelled to tell you that this is all true. Every last word.

It's been a wild ride.