Friday, January 18, 2008

Easy Post Friday or Being Tagged

Rupert up at the Chateau has tagged me and since I'm rather barren of words these days I'll take the opportunity to both a) write about sex and b) not have to think too much about what to write and still provide you with a post. Nice!

1.) What's the largest thing you've ever put in your ass?
Well, I didn't put it in, but I guess I'd have to say a cock. Although, luckily for me, it wasn't a very big one.

2.) What's the oddest object you've put inside your body(ass/pussy)?
I really had to give this some thought. I'm not one of those folks who tried toothbrush or hairbrush handles when I was young (or even now!). A carrot, I guess. In my cunt.

3.) What's the most public place you've ever had sex?
Other than a sex club and a sex party with 150 people? A Dead show.

4.) Are you naughtier in your head than you are in your bed?
Most definitely. I think this fantasy is quite naughty and I'm fairly certain it will never happen.

5.) Masturbating - what do you call it?
Um, masturbating. In fact, the word itself kind of turns me on.

6.) Would you, could you, in a car? On the highway? In a bar?
I have done it in a car, on the highway, in a bar! I have done it merrily, it is so good, so good you see!

7.) What do you think is your most sexually attractive feature?
I think my lips. I have somewhat full, soft, kissable lips and it's one of my very most favorite thing to do for hours and hours.

8.) What do other people think is your most sexually attractive feature?
I've been told I should consider being a sex phone operator on the side for extra money, so I guess my voice.

9.) Do you have an instant turn-on spot on your body? If yes, where is it?
My neck. Kiss my neck in the right way, soft and moist, and I'm yours instantly.

10.) Is there anything you want to do that you're too chicken to try?
It's so hard to say. I used to think I would never in my life give a strange man a blow-job in a sex club surrounded by people, including his wife. So, I think anything I say I'm chicken to do I'll end up doing anyway. :)

I'll turn it around and tag LG down south and that's it. My other blogger "friends" who haven't been tagged already aren't really survey types. I'm sure LG will give answers enough for a few. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Eve :) i hope you dont mind me dropping in, i love your blog and would like to visit again if thats ok ? i followed you here from Ruperts blog, and i love your Dr fantasy :) very very hot...


Eve in Chains said...

Lili - I'm glad you stopped by. You're always welcome. Though, I admit, my posts are few and far between these days. I'm a little, umm, preoccupied. :)

I'm glad you like the Dr. fantasy. It still gets me going, too.