Monday, October 8, 2007

To Be Or Not To Be...

I texted, "Hi".

"Who is this"

"Who do you think it is silly boy"

"Huh no clue who this is sorry"

"U dont know my #? im insulted"


"look for my im"

"Who is this"

"im ur dream girl"

"who is this"

"listen to ur voicemail and ull know"

voicemail message: "you silly boy, no-one makes you cum like I do..."

text: "My cum whore eve!"

I walked the rest of the way home with a sly and knowing smile on my face. No-one would have guessed that I was gloating to myself that my boy called me a whore and I was tickled.

There are a select few who can call me whore (his whore) or slut (his slut) and I'm aroused and thrilled. To my ears, it can be an endearment. It's a "sweetie" or a "hon". Or it can be an accusation, something said with knowledge for what I need. My need to be used, my need for depravity, my need for cock.

I was reminded of this interchange by Figleafs post about an incoming e-mail he received advertising "Cock-Hungry Whores". He wonders if there are people who are cock-hungry who may not fall under the category of "whore". I comment that I fall into that group. A "regular" woman with a strong craving for cock. But, I also know that for certain people, at certain times, I most certainly fall into the category of whore. And I wear that badge with pride.


HSWLOVER said...

aahhhhhhhhh the red badge of whorage....



ATLLG said...

those are the text messages I love until I almost forget to erase them before going inside the house.....

but oh do they get the blood pumping...