Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Belated Birthday Present

Chat with new found friend who responded to an ad I put on craigslist that had nothing to do with spanking and had no BDSM related reference, but was specific to a certain interest.

Me: "I'm XX [insert age], now. Just a couple weeks ago."

He: "those birthday spanks are really adding up now aren't they, lol"

Me: "haha - yes. Sadly, I didn't get any. :("

He: "no birthday spanks? oh so sorry to hear"

Me: "I know. I just couldn't find anyone appropriate to help me out with that."

He: "did your lack of birthday spanks prompt this ad, just had to ask"

Me: "Well, no birthday spanking was a little bit of a motivating factor, but really, it was the [insert motivating factor for ad]."

E-mail a couple of days later:

He: "Wish I met you before your birthday so I could have ensured you got your required spanks in!!! LOL"

Me: "Well, there's no saying you can't give me a belated b'day present."

He: "ya think?"

Now, I just want to mention that all this spanking talk was not at my instigation. It was at his. And, it's not the only thing we talked about. We seem to have much in common.

Maybe I just attract them, somehow? Dominant men? I'd like to hope so.


HSWLOVER said...

Maybe that's it, or maybe it's just your time?

Hoping so

Racy Redhead said...

So, did you get your birthday spanks..?

Eve in Chains said...

No, of course not. Just wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for asking, though.