Friday, October 12, 2007

Love Our Lurkers Day

Apparently, today is dedicated to enticing the lurkers from their lairs and encouraging them to leave a little hello, just to let us know you read.

I don't have thousands of readers, as Bonnie on My Bottom Smarts seems to, but I do have maybe a hundred or so that I believe are regulars and I'd love to hear from you.

Being the quasi-exhibitionist that I am, I'd love to know you're watching me. And even how it affects you, if you feel inclined to share (but don't feel you have to say anything other than "hey").

If you think what I have to say is sexy enough, or interesting enough, to make you come over and over, I'd love to watch...I mean, I'd love to know you're out there.


Loving Annie said...

Happy Friday afternoon Eve !

Loving Annie

Anonymous said...

I stop by regularly and only comment if I can add something worthwhile to the conversation. Very Best -- SS

HSWLOVER said...

I love to hear about your slut times (watch your fucking), read your stories (watch your mind), and your HNT pic was great (watch your body).



Roper said...

Not exactly a lurker, but hi! anyway

Eve in Chains said...

Thanks all for stopping by. I guess I don't have all that many lurkers.


Rupert said...

I'm here! Didn't make it over yesterday, cause I was busy. But I am here!

Eve in Chains said...

Yay! I'm glad you are, Rupert.


Bonnie said...

Hi Eve,

I've never left a comment here before, so I must be a lurker.

Thanks for joining in Love Our Lurkers Friday. It's been a lot of fun and I particularly enjoy discovering bloggers like you.

Have a great weekend!

With warm regards,