Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summertime Sabbatical

That's right. I'm off again for a long weekend. I have no spicy prose for you anyway, just now, so maybe it's the perfect time to slip away from the blog.

I will admit though (because I know you all want to hear about it and because I'm really dying to tell you) that I've been making like May and masturbating a bit. So, there you go. All is not lost.

Enjoy till next week when I return with tan lines extraordinaire.

Note to commenters: I monitor all comments, so if you post something be a little patient. I'll make sure to put it on the blog when I return.


HSWLOVER said...

I definitely want to hear all about it.. .

have a good time


Rupert said...

Enjoy your weekend!!!

figleaf said...

Last Thursday's HNT suggests you've already got nice tan lines. Tan lines extraordinaire would be even more, um, extraordinary!

I think I could really get into using "May" as a euphemism. Hmm. As in "I *may* think of your tan lines!" Sounds so bland and unassuming doesn't it?

Enjoy your vacation. Take photos. :-)


ATLLG said...

Oh I love tan lines...and the lotin application required to keep 'em!

Eve in Chains said...

I'm back and darker than ever. Maybe you'll get a peak come HNT.