Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two Little Words

As a writer, I think I have a grasp of the power of words. They evoke emotion and reaction. They inspire ideas and actions. And, as in the case of writing about sex, they arouse. But, I never knew until recently the power that 2 words held over me.

When spoken to me, or even written, I'm immediately transported into another place within myself. It's a place where I'm extremely aroused and submissive. I am happy and compliant. I go to a quiet place. I become content, even for a moment. I take in a breath and it's all there.

It's a phrase that conveys praise and asserts control, all at once. And I long to hear it. I want to deserve it, and my actions, my acquiescence, has its utterance as the goal.

So, tell me... am I a good girl?


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, you're a good girl.

dirtyboy said...

Yes, you've been a very good girl x You've aroused me delightfully, and I think you deserve your reward. Such a good girl xx

Rupert said...

A very good girl indeed...

Eve in Chains said...

Thank you, Sir.

(meant plurally, "Sirs" just isn't right)


ATLLG said...

Bad Girl

Bow Down

( I'm reaching here but then again I'd love to see the reaction.)


Eve in Chains said...

I'm sorry, Sir, if I've displeased you in some way.


I understand if you feel I need to be punished.


Constance said...

Good Thursday morning to you Eve,

Ah.... good girl and bad girl, I think :)

Came here by way of Roger's blog... Will be back to visit !

HSWLOVER said...

Oh, Eve, you have been such a good girl at times, but you need a very long spanking to remind you to be good in the future.