Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Move Away From the Toes

I've always had an aversion to having my toes sucked. Or licked. Or kissed. Or anywhere near the mouth of another. It's always struck me as, well, just gross.

In the summer I live in flip-flops and walk NYC streets. You do the math.

Rub my feet till they fall off, just keep your mouth to yourself.

He had asked me on the phone if I liked to have my toes licked and I said no. We talked about it for a bit anyway, and I still said no. But, this gave me a clue as to a) the turn on it was for him and b) his degree of persistence.

I was on another planet. I was on the planet of pleasure. My fingers were moving at the pace and with the pressure that only I can provide. My legs were on either side of him, the right near his head, the left lying across his chest, as he watched me, closely, massage my clit, then pull my lips apart for direct contact. I heard his moan of approval as the view became more revealing.

Meanwhile...I knew, vaguely, that he was rubbing the foot nearest to his head. I was somewhat conscious of his kissing the top of my foot, then pushing it into a flex position and kissing the bottom. But, I was stunningly aware when he pushed his tongue, gently, underneath my toes. Did he think I wouldn't notice his warm tongue on the bottom of my feet? I pulled my foot away with an "uh-uh", but he gently pulled it back towards him and continued to kiss the bottom and my toes. Occasionally darting a tongue in between two of them. I was so thoroughly excited from masturbating and his watching me that I knew I couldn't stop what was going to be inevitable, so I let go.

He sensed my surrender and began with diligence to push his tongue in between my toes. He pulled one, then another, of my small digits into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. Sucking them into his mouth, so hot and wet. And I got more excited. I liked it.

When he pulled my big toe into his mouth with a groan of satisfaction and began to suck it like a small cock, I rose to the top. The feeling of his mouth on any part of my body was sublime. But, this was taboo. Maybe, even, the most taboo.

I've had a tongue in every orifice, I've had a cock rubbed over my face, I've had a finger or a toy or a cock in every hole, but I've never had my toes sucked on. He was smart (and sneaky?) to realize that I would only "allow" this if I was otherwise distracted. If I could pair what I thought was awful and unhygienic with pleasure that I couldn't stop. I'm not sure if he timed it to be so close to my orgasm that I wouldn't be able to protest too much, but if he did, the man is a sexual genius. And I liked it.

As his tongue invaded the space between my big toe and the second one, I became wetter and more excited. And closer to the edge. He sucked harder and my fingers became more focused on the goal. At the end, just before I came, his mouth moved away from my foot so that he could encourage me, entice me there, with his dirty words. And I felt, for a second, the loss. The absence of heat at my foot. But the storm overtook me and my naked toes became forgotten.

But not gone.

"You sucked on my toes!"

"Uh-huh", he replied with definite self-satisfaction.

"I liked it!", I said with incredulity.

"Hmmmm, yes, you seemed to", he said, again with a hint of amusement.

I liked it.


HSWLOVER said...

AH, you cum slut you..



Gracie said...

E and i have a theory about women....

if you get one hot enough she will let you do anything. at least that proves to be correct in our bedroom.

i love it when E's tongue slides between my fingers as it simulates eating me out. i swear that sensation goes straight between my legs.

Eve in Chains said...

E, it's true.

And, Gracie, I think your and E's theory is right. There's no higher reasoning in the brain when in that state. Dangerous!

But so much fun.


P.S. - I've decided to change the look of my comments so as to be different from my readers. Just an FYI.