Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Greedy Eyes

In some situations, some very specific situations, I am truly an exhibitionist. Generally, I can be rather modest. He says I look like the girl next door and the only clue as to my true identity is an earring I have at the top of my ear. Even that, these days, isn't really a sign of anything untoward.

It all changes when someone wants to watch me masturbate. Something about being watched makes me crave exposure. And, not covertly. I throw off the cover and spread my legs if eyes are on me. If the person watching is watching for their pleasure, not because I want them to, I'll spread myself wider still.

And that's what was so perfect. So perfectly nasty. He wanted me to, no, he demanded I masturbate for him. He wanted to see how my finger rubbed my clit, in perfectly rhythmic circles. He wanted to see my lips, swollen and full with my intense excitement. He commanded me to open myself to him, to spread my full lips, without masturbating, but just open and exposed for him to see me. To look inside.

A stranger. A man I'd never met before. Watching me perform the most intimate act.

Lying between my splayed legs, he watched as I brought myself pleasure. Watched and stroked and whispered reminders of what a slut I was, a dirty whore. My breath became shallow, and then I held it. I held my breath in tight, spreading myself wider for him to see and for me to access directly my hard nub, my erection. He pushed a finger, no two, into my aching cunt and began to push on the spot he had found earlier. The spot that made me drip juice down the inside of my thigh. As he rubbed inside, and I out, his eyes on me, riveted to the image of us both working me into a frenzy, I peaked. I reached that spot, that edge where it all stops - sound, movement, time - for just a second and then it crashes, the sea into itself, throbbing ecstasy over and over. In my head, my mantra kept me there, brought me there, "Watch me, watch me, watch me."

In this way, I am an exhibitionist. A showman. A performer. I want it to be intense and moving and, above all, exciting. Erotically satisfying. When my audience and I are entwined in this act, and greedy eyes are gorging on the feast of my debauchery, I become, if possible, more swollen still.


Shon Richards said...

The reason I keep coming back to your blog is you have done a wonderful job of exposing yourself with every post. It feels real and sincere which in turn makes everything sexier. I love watching.

Eve in Chains said...

That's so interesting, Shon, that you put it that way. An insight, maybe, into why I post these details and fantasies. For strangers to read (even though I'm anonymous). I absolutely get off on it. Not just doing it, but reading comments like yours and knowing my readers get off on it.

I've also been thinking I'd love to be a subject for Dr. von Madd. Maybe he could test me for a masturbatory reaction to some new gadget. ;)


HSWLOVER said...

You write so well, Eve, so evocatively, so openly, that I feel I am watching you expose yourself. I am seeing and almost hearing you. I am watching how nasty, how naughty, how wanton you can become. I hope for more, deeper, wider, wetter. I agree with Shon.. that's what brings me back. You have the ability to make it in the present, not just a dry report. And it is about you, not some paint by the numbers story. (not that your stories did not have the same quality.. I am referring to many other bloggers)

You arouse me. We are watching you. Greedy eyes, indeed.


Gracie said...


my my that was beautifully written.

what a sight that was.

i can only imagine.

Eve in Chains said...

Thanks, sweetie. Sometimes, as I'm sure you know, it just spills out.

Or drips out. heh


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Eve. Perhaps you really are a masturbation slut after all ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love the way you showed how being watched is the erotic stimulus that makes the physical one more powerful.

The Man said...

I never cease to be amazed at the reaction when a woman is asked to do this. Or when a man returns the favour.

Al Sensu said...

I was watching too.

Catalina said...

I love it! The exhibitionist in me completely understands ;-)

Curvaceous Dee said...

It's wonderful to be watched (and to do the watching). Thank you for letting us gaze upon your words.

xx Dee

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He says I look like the girl next door and the only clue as to my true identity is an earring I have at the top of my ear. Even that, these days, isn't really a sign of anything untoward.