Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolution

Let me begin by saying I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. I have always found them to be set ups for disappointment and failure. Instead, I prefer goals for the year.

This year I have one main goal - I want to be more daring. I want to do things I've never done before. I want to push myself to really find my limits or go beyond them because I rarely do that. I'm very much a person that stays in the comfort zone (so to speak). I want to challenge that approach. I'm not talking just sexually (although, of course, I am talking sexually). I want to push myself creatively and socially, as well. This is a big city with so much to do and I simply don't do enough of it.

I also think that if I push my limits sexually it will naturally expand into the rest of my life. And, maybe, vice versa. If I push myself creatively, maybe it will expand my sexual life. That seems to make sense. And when I talk about my sexual limits I am, generally, talking about pain. I am absolutely certain that I have not even come close to my pain limit. I've simply never found anyone who was either willing to take me there or who hung around long enough to go the distance. I'm hoping that that has changed. And, even if he is not that person, then I want to push myself to find that person. In 2009 I held back. I lost hope and gained weight (those two things seem to go hand in hand for me). I am committed (remember this later, Eve) to making 2010 different and not losing sight of my goal and my potential. As a creative individual and as a submissive.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a very fine resolution. I am only sorry that I live so far away that I cannot volunteer to help take you there. But I hope for you that you will get all this and more.


nitebyrd said...

Maybe not so much a resolution but a rebirth? Your wants are much like my own. Let's hope we both suceed beyond our expectations!