Friday, January 29, 2010

The End

i enjoy your company, and we do have many things in common. but i should also tell you that at just about the time i met you, i met someone else with whom i think i will wind up exploring the possibility of a relationship.

I give up, people. I give...fucking...up.


Anonymous said...

No, don't give up. I know it's frustrating. After I decided to "come out" as a spanker and bdsm person it took me 12 years to find a solid relationship, though I did have a lot of fun along the way, I will say.


Vladi Wizard said...

Sometimes you have to go through a field of weeds before you find the flower you are looking for.

Take a rest. Recharge the batteries. Do something different for a while. Then rethink what it is that you want/need.

Sometimes all you need is to look at the problem after you have left it alone for a while.

Take care :)


k said...

Have you been told what's your next move is? :)

nitebyrd said...

Please don't give up. You've got too much to offer. I know it's frustrating as hell but don't ever doubt that you are incredible and you've just found people that don't have the ability to recognize that. There are ones out that that will, it may just take more time than you want.

Vladi, has given some very good advice.


Eve in Chains said...

Thank you all for your concern, kind thoughts and advice. Sometimes the bottom falls out. I do get quite despondent. I'm not a 30 (or even 40) something hottie anymore (and I'm not saying I was a hottie, necessarily) and I can only imagine that the "someone else" eluded to in the e-mail from Him is younger, prettier, skinnier, etc, etc. And I could be totally wrong, but tell me that isn't what would go through your head? My point is that there's competition and I just think I'm out of the running, now.

I've been single for nearly 9 years. It feels like an eternity. Almost my entire 40's was spent alone. I now imagine my 50's will be, too. So, you can understand my reaction, maybe.

I mean, what am I gonna do anyway? Nothing. I'm gonna just live my life, day by day, and that's it. No more web sites, though. I've had it with that shit.

Blah, blah...thanks again, though. You guys rock.


modesty said...

age is never the point.
it's all about anergy. it needs a lot in what we do.
and if you don't get the necessary "refill" you get lost.

stay strong

love, mod

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