Monday, September 1, 2008

Timer is Everything

My good friend Rupert up at the Chateau keeps a countdown timer on his blog so that we, his loyal fans, can track and commiserate with him during the long stretches through which he suffers between sexual activity. Or, maybe I should say between coupling. We KNOW he has uni-sexual activity. :)

I don't keep a timer (although there's a really loud, ticking one in my head - you can't hear it?) but I can report that I hadn't had sex with another person since January. I don't have an exact date on that, but we can say somewhere around the 25th. Close enough. So, seven (7) months since I was fucked.

Well, reset the timer people. We have lift-off. And a nifty lift-off at that, with more on the horizon, I believe.

And...are we ready?...And, it seems he has similar proclivities as well as being a decent, fun, helluva guy.

Let the hair-pulling commence.

All kidding aside -



Rupert said...

Woo-hoo! I saw that you had updated, and was all excited. then I read what it was about, and was doubly excited! Not in a uni-sexual way, mind you. :-)

Congrats on resetting your timer!

nitebyrd said...

Let me join Rupert in the, WOOHOO's!

This sounds promising and I hope you'll keep us updated. I've been missing you!

Magnus said...

Congratulations, darlin'. Crossing my fingers that this agreeable situation continues....

HSWLOVER said...

YAY indeed. That is such good news.