Friday, May 9, 2008

What's a girl to wear?

The understatement of the caption on this picture offered up by Bacchus at Erosblog just kills me.

Bananas, indeed.


Anonymous said...

don't we all wish to be devoured???
thanks for the smile :)

xx, m

edwardotk said...

miss you, miss your masturbation, your party attendance, YOU.


nitebyrd said...

LOL! Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh this ugly Monday.

Eve in Chains said...

It was an ugly Monday, wasn't it? Blech. Glad to have given you a smile, Miss Bunny.

Miss you too, e. Life's been quiet which is okay for now.

Banana anyone? :D


nitebyrd said...

I stopped by to say, "HI!" Hope all is well and that you are busy ... in a good way!