Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And the Search is On

As most bloggers do, I subscribe to one of those stat sites so that I can see who is reading my smut. I've been so impressed with the geographic range. From pretty much every state in the United States, most Western European countries, some Eastern European (the Republic of Moldova, for one), and much of Asia, Southeast and otherwise. It's exciting. Makes me feel a little international.

I also like to monitor the keyword activity. Meaning the search words people enter into say Google to find something of interest and my blog ends up in the results. Some of the search terms are pretty mundane, run-of-the-mill smutty or BDSM related. Others are downright hysterical. I thought I would list some of the more creative search terms used in which Paradise Tied Up was listed in the results. See for yourself. (I have, of course, added my own commentary.)

groped subway clit tied - I love the addition of subway here. The visual is great.
legs wide apart escorts - I figured this one is looking for an evening companion with particular skills.
mom tied up - Careful there, mom.
tied up dildo - Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
in my cunt waiter - I think we all want to know what restaurant we're looking for here.
oversexed finger on legs - Sounds like this could develop into Carpal Tunnel.
circles eyes masturbating - I just don't get it.
things to do while being tied up - I love this. It just makes me think of someone looking for something to do when they're bored.
tied up whore - Run-of-the-mill, but I love it.
foot mouth tongue toes licked - What's that kids song? Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
watch me masturbate - They hit the nail on the head, with that one.
towel door touch my clit answer moan fantasy ocean husband read - An interesting grouping of words. How did I end up here?
masturbate paradise - Yes, indeed.
tentacle skirt orgasm - I figured out there are 2 posts that, concatenated, would add me to the results for this. I just want to know the thought process behind this one.
my cock is so hard now! - Well, come on over!

Whatever the search term, however odd or quirky or unexpected, I'm glad you found me. I hope something in here can do the trick, for you.

Note - If you've read this already, you'll see I added one (second from the bottom) that I somehow missed before. I couldn't pass up including it.


Rupert said...

One can assume that "tentacle skirt orgasm" was out hunting for hentai...

HSWLOVER said...

I'm not the least bit surprised that you have lots of lurkers, Eve. But that you are such a dirty slut whore that people are watching all over the world? wow, how hot is that!
Now open those legs for the tentacles (?). I know you want it.


Eve in Chains said...

Rupert - yes, that's true. Lot's of tentacles in Hentai. But, how did they get here? *shrug*

E - I'm not sure how I feel about the tentacles, but it is kind of hot knowing I'm being watched all over the world. hmmmm....


Rupert said...

Oh, I follow what you are saying...I thought you were questioning why someone would be searching for it in general.

Eve in Chains said...

Well, I guess I'm wondering that to. Tentacles? Is that sexy? I guess I'm just not into sea creatures, much.