Saturday, October 4, 2008

Boogie Nights

There's a party tonight. Yes, one of those parties. And I'm going. Somewhat alone. I'll be with a friend and her occasional fellow, but I suppose that essentially will put me on my own. To which I am not averse. I like the freedom.

Of course, we know I don't really want all that much freedom. Tie me up and my heart sings.

The theme of this party is Boogie Nights. Which, in effect, makes the theme the 70's and early 80's. A period with which I too had Farrah Fawcett hair and did too much coke. Porn wasn't much in the mix for me, but I'm a late bloomer.

My outfit won't be exactly a period piece, but close enough. I'm in it for the dancing and whatever trouble I can get myself into. Or, whatever trouble (read: cock) can get into me.

Stay tuned, loved ones.


Distracted said...

I'm new here and will busy myself with catching up on the older posts while I wait to hear more about the party. LOVE what I've read so far.

Eve in Chains said...

Welcome, distracted. Nice blog, you have there. I have some catching up to do, too, I guess. ;)

And, as for the party last night, I'll give my brief and extremely pathetic update here.

I danced a bit. Chatted up some interesting couples (because these parties are mostly couples - men with erections and their clingy wives). Drank. And drank some more. And drank too much. Left the party and passed out on my friends couch and finally staggered home in a cab around 3 this afternoon.

No sex. No spanking. No nothin'.

Fun, eh?


edward said...

bah. too bad. what happened to a gorgeous woman like you, Eve? they must have been too distracted by the overall package to realize you were looking for trouble.

nitebyrd said...

Although the party might have been a bust, you did go. Hope NEEDS to spring eternal. And ... at least you've got parties close by. It appears all the action down here is on the West Coast.

Maybe the next will be THE PARTY!